Composite material manufacturing


MOUNTAIN SHIELD arise from the most authentic Italian manufacturing excellence

Composite materials and their processing are the hallmark of our company. Mountain Shield was born from Campari Compositi as a brand totally dedicated to the world of skiing and the mountains.

Campari Compositi is a supplier of carbon fiber parts for various industrial sectors and has been a leader for more than 20 years in the production of composite material braces and protections for football.

In addition to sport, Campari produces special parts for the Ferrari Racing Department, a long and lasting partnership that makes us proudĀ 

Constant Innovation

During the years, we have always been at the edge of the manufacturing of light and durable products. Under request we also produce anatomical protections and tutors, paying particular effort and attention to para olympics athletes needs.


Manufacturing is developed internally in Italy, paying extreme care to every detail. Integrating the production internally allow us to offer great products at really competitive prices


We have two main passions, cutting edge materials and the mountains. Our aim is to be able to offer the best possible products to help athletes express their full potential


For almost 20 years we have operated in the protection field, developing a leadership in the professional football industry and anatomical carbon fibre protections field